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Why Partner with the Rolling Red?

It's Simple -

We provide the perfect opportunity to


your customer base

Will partnering benefit my business?

In 2017, businesses across the U.S. were recorded to have a 69%-77% satisfaction rate based on their results from being a sponsor or having a vendor booth at an event (includes businesses that partnered with poorly run events). That's huge!

Your money will be reinvested into the tournament(s) you choose to sponsor bringing in more media coverage, spectators, and players to view your brand.

Golf is known for having the highest income and spending fans in sports. This is your opportunity to be in front of people ready to purchase and purchase often.


"Partnering up with the Rolling Red through sponsorship was straight forward and worked very well to help get our team in front of potential clients. Keeping the signage is awesome, playing the tournament course was unforgettable, and we will sponsor more events soon!

-Eric, Realtor

What are Sponsor and Advertising Dollars used for?

Simply put, the Rolling Red heavily relies on sponsors to create larger purses (Total prize money awarded to players at a tournament) and bring more attention/media coverage to the events.

Sponsor dollars allow for local advertising to grow events, bring spectators, and create large value for sponsors and the events as a whole.

Built into the cost, proper sponsor signage will be provided that the sponsor may keep for personal/business use.

Statistic: Most players struggle financially. Regardless of how good a professional is, nearly 70% of pro players will be forced to quit their dream career within two years of starting due to too low of a golf income. No matter how small or large, Your sponsorship makes a BIG difference in solving this issue.


- Graph includes all players that quit, not just those due to financial stress.


- Player expenses are typically $15,000-$30,000 per year

We offer multiple  forms and levels of partnership to suit the needs of your business


PXL_20220928_160521181_2 (1).jpg

The Entry level to getting your brand inside the Country Club setting.

Using different types of professional signage and advertisements, your image will be in front of potential customer eyes for up to 4 days.


Add face-to-face interaction for better results.

Having in-person interactions gives potential customers a personal relationship with your business. While brief, these interactions can lead to significant long-term growth.




Bring it all together in a full campaign to get the attention your brand needs.

Combine being a vendor with added benefits such as signage to maximize your effectiveness.

Businesses that partner with local events have a stronger brand loyalty within their local community.

Seeing the brand in person 'Validates' the businesses worth and legitimizes becoming a customer.


Simply want to help the players continue their dreams? 100% of donations will go directly to raising each tournament's purse (Total prize money awarded to players at a tournament). No matter the donation size, it makes a BIG difference.

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