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Host Housing

Suburb Houses

Offering a Host House might include some work, but it is an incredibly unique experience that consistently creates memories that last for a lifetime.

What is Host Housing?
This is a residence deciding they would like to offer their guest room(s) to traveling tour players for the duration of an event week at the host's home course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to offer a host house?
No! By offering a player a free stay in your house, you are essentially sponsoring the player for that week.

Do we need to cook for the player?
Cooking and providing food is not a requirement. Many host homes do it, but you can still have a great experience without providing this.

Can we hangout with the player(s)?
Absolutely! Do keep in mind these players are at their job when they are at an event. The player may need their space at given times to prepare for the tournament.

What are the player's hours like?
All players have their own schedule and routine. Between that and the tournament schedule, be prepared for the player to be able to leave early in the morning and return late in the evening.

Do the players bring their own vehicle?
Yes. You will need to have a location for them to park their car off the street. Be sure not to block their car in because they might need to leave when you are not available.

Do I need to clean the household?
Think nice hotel. You want to make sure your home is very welcoming, freshly clean, safe, and ready to be (basically) a bread and breakfast for the week. Sheets, pillows, and towels need to be washed and provided for the player(s) and their guests.

Can a host have pets?
No. We do not know personal allergies or wants of the players and their guests. To help avoid any unpleasant scenarios, we do not allow potential hosts with pets.

Food Allergies?
Make sure to check with your player(s) and guest(s) if they have any allergies or intolerances before providing them any food or drinks.

What if the player or guest is being rowdy, destructive, or disrespectful?
The Rolling Red is merely an intermediary for the player and host house to meet for a mutually beneficial arrangement. That being said, we have no direct connection or control of the player or their guest. If you find an unpleasant situation, it is your household, and you can remove a player and/or their guest from the host house. We never want to see this happen, but if it did, we would not want you feel forced to continue a poor experience.

Does it really make a big difference?
Many players are not foreign to sleeping in their car or staying in a cheap/unsafe hotel to save money on traveling for a tournament. Most players are incredibly appreciative of your kindness in offering your home to them, and there are many stories of hosts becoming lifelong friends with their player.

Is there anything else we can do for the players?
Come support them at the event! Players need to be used to having spectators watching them, and coming to event will mean a lot to each player. Many players do travel alone, so some support on the course can go a long way.


How do I start?

1. Verify that your home is located in the same community/neighborhood as the golf course. If it is not, you can make a request to have your community approved by sending your address to with the name of the community. All Host Homes are required to be within 15 minutes of the golf course.

2. Print and fill-out the Host Housing Agreement on the previous page. Then submit by scanning and emailing the document to

3. Once submitted, you will receive an approval email of your address.

4. Your house will be placed on our list of host homes for players in the order of submission it comes in. This list does not guarantee a player for your host house. Host homes will receive players only as players request to have host housing.

5. If your house is approved to host a player, your contact information will be shared with the player and vice versa. From this point, it is the host's job to get in touch with the player and establish an arrival and departure date/time. 

We kindly ask that you do not share any information regarding the setup or pricing of Host Housing or Sponsorship with the Players or their guests. Thank you in advance, and we hope you enjoy being a host residence!


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