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BERMUDA (Spectator) Survey
Would you travel to Bermuda to watch the Rolling Red's Bermuda Championship in January 2025?
How many nights would you stay in Bermuda for the Tour Championship if the hotel expense was $300 per night?
How many Adult guests would come with you?
How many hotel rooms would you and your guests need in total? (Assume each room is standard with 2 queen beds.)
Would you rather have a prebuilt (number of nights customizable) package to Bermuda that includes golf, admission to the event, hotel, flight, & food included OR book everything separately?
How many Children guests would come with you?
What budget for your entire party would you use for a trip to Bermuda in January? (Including all expenses- flight, hotel, activities, food, golf, & etc.) For reference, at that time, hotels run $250-$300 per night, and flights are $800-$1,000 round-trip per ticket.
Given the chance would you be interested in playing in a Pro-Am the day before the Rolling Red's Bermuda Championship?
Given the chance would you be interested in playing in a Celebrity-Am event on Bermuda? (This event would be entirely separate & in a different month than the Rolling Red's Tour Championship.)
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