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Become a member of the Rolling Red Golf Tour. The Tour designed to help you reach your potential.

Members Save $37 on Shootouts and $141 on Classics

  • Compete on consistent top-rated and tournament-level courses in the Southeast each week against upcoming and current Tour Pros. 

  • Whether you are a professional or an amateur, the Rolling Red is focused on your experience and opportunity in becoming a better player by providing the best tournament atmosphere and hosting at the highest quality courses you will find on the mini tours.

  • The Rolling Red is based in Atlanta with each season planned to be from January-December with plenty of tournament weeks so each player can fill in their entire schedule.

  • Events are located in the Southeast, including the states of in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee.

  • Compete in Paired Tournaments, a new tournament structure designed by the Rolling Red to help players compete in more events with less expenses.

  • Paired Tournaments are a 1-Day event followed immediately by a 2-Day event at the same course.

  • At ALL events, players may choose to walk or ride.

  • Guaranteed Prize Money at each event thanks to backing from private investors.

  • Potential Local Sponsors each week to grow the purse sizes and raise the % of players paid.

  • Minimum of the top 1/3 of players paid in each event.

  • One Additional Spot paid in addition to the top 1/3 when there are 30+ pros in a field.

  • Pin Sheets at every tournament with accurate shapes of each green so the player can see exactly where the pin is located.

  • Live Hole by Hole Scoring at every event that is user friendly.

  • Cold Water on the course for players.


-Memberships are for Professionals Only. We keep membership at a lower cost than other mini tours in an effort to give you more opportunity to compete.

-Amateurs are given some of the lowest entries on the Professional Tours to get the players more experience on tournament-level courses. There are no Memberships for Amateurs.


New-Membership: $499


First time playing on the Rolling Red? Get started with a New Membership and begin competing today! Click Become a Member below and select the appropriate membership.


New-Graduate Membership: $299

Graduated from a College Golf Team in the last year?

To be approved as a New-Graduate Member, email ( a link to the roster page of the team you competed on within the last year.

Returning-Membership: $399

Are you a returning member to the Rolling Red within the last two years?

We are excited to have you returning to the Rolling Red! Click Become a Member below and select the appropriate membership package.


Memberships last for ONE FULL YEAR from the date of purchase.

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