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Spectator Info

Watch Touring Professionals

These guys are the real deal.

These Pros that will make a crack of the club that you've never heard.


We invite you and your family to attend! Sponsors and the event as a whole follow a

family-friendly guideline.

Tee Times

Tee times can be found on each tournament's information page on the schedule.

Free Admission

Come enjoy an exciting three days at no cost.

Outdoor Expo

By the clubhouse, explore the outdoor expo full of regional, local, and corporate businesses.

The Rolling Red and the Host Course both hold the right to remove any spectators from the host course's property. Spectators assume full risk of injury and/or death by attending a Rolling Red Golf Tour event. The Rolling Red cannot be held liable for any items lost or stolen at the event. The Rolling Red Golf Tour cannot be held liable for any accidents involving golf carts. Drive or Ride at your own risk. The Rolling Red cannot be held liable for any accidents, injuries, or deaths at an event. All persons attending a Rolling Red event agrees to and understands they are fully responsible for their own safety and their guests.

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