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Spectator Info


Watch some of the best Pro Golfers in the nation

These guys are the real deal, and we are excited for you to see them compete in person!

The golf courses our players compete on are the best in the Southeast. Added with great players, we guarantee you will have hours of excitement watching our players.

Time it right, and you will have the chance to meet the professionals before or after their round!

Tee Times

Tee times can be found by clicking a tournament's 'Register' or 'Results' button (takes you to the tournament information page). Then there will be a tab that says tee times towards the top of the page the day before an event begins.

If tee times have not been posted, you can find the starting tee time for each day at the bottom of the tournament's information page.

No Tickets - Free Admission

Things to keep in mind when coming to our events:

  • You will be outside in all weather conditions. Make sure you are prepared.

  • Please do not consume alcohol or smoke around the tournament staff or players.

  • Spectators must remain on the cart path at all times.

  • Cell Phones must be silenced

  • Most courses require a dress code. Please contact the course ahead of time to make sure your attire falls within their guidelines.

Spectator Carts

  • Spectator Carts are allowed at all events at the course's discretion.

  • The course will likely charge a fee for the cart.

  • Players cannot ride in a spectator cart.

  • Please be cautious driving the cart and avoid making noise during a player's swing.

  • Cart must remain on the cart path at all times and away from the players and the player carts.

The Rolling Red and the Host Course both hold the right to remove any spectators from the host course's property.

Spectators assume full risk of injury and/or death by attending a Rolling Red Golf Tour event.

The Rolling Red cannot be held liable for any items lost or stolen at the event.

The Rolling Red Golf Tour cannot be held liable for any accidents involving golf carts. Drive or Ride at your own risk.

The Rolling Red cannot be held liable for any accidents, injuries, or deaths at an event. All persons attending a

Rolling Red event agrees to and understands they are fully responsible for their own safety and their guests.

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